Zouleika is a character in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic X: Legacy.


Heroes VIEdit

Zouleika’s ancestor was the celebrated wizard Agar, creator of the first Minotaur, and she inherited his influential position in the ruling Circle of the Seven Cities. As with all those born to her prestigious family, Zouleika was bonded from birth to a Minotaur who protected her like a shadow.

Wrongly accused of degeneration, her Minotaur guard was put down. His last words to her were, “Mistress, set my people free!”

Deeply affected by the loss of her bond-mate, who had protected her faithfully for the first twenty years of her life, Zouleika left the Seven Cities and headed for the Pao Islands. She has since become a powerful Shaman, and sworn not to rest until the Wizards have released all of their creations to forge their own fate.

Might and Magic XEdit

Zouleika is a freemage, who has been living for years with the orcs. She can be found in Sewers of Karthal Level 1 (2,7). After freeing Falagar she can be found in the Big House (31,17) in The Crag.

Duel of ChampionsEdit

Vein and his party encountered Zouleika at an oasis in the Sahaar desert. Just as the group had some friendly talk, Zouleika noticed Hakeem and started attacking. After the battle, Zouleika revealed that she left the Seven Cities' House Chimera, since people like Hakeem abused the beastmen. After being told about Gazal, Zouleika promised to gather the tribes to help them out.

The orc tribes of Sahaar gathered at the tower of the Inventor, where they battled Kieran and killed him.


Heroes VIEdit

Zouleika is a Shaman.

Might and Magic XEdit

She is an Archmage and willing to share her knowledge if the party can help her.

Duel of ChampionsEdit

Main article: Zouleika, Renegade Wizard

Zouleika appears as a hero card. She is the leader of the Stronghold faction.


Forgotten WarsEdit
Five TowersEdit


Zouleika appearns in Might & Magic: Heroes VI, Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, and Might & Magic X: Legacy. She is also mentioned in Pirates of the Savage Sea.


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