These rotten corpses are raised by the Necromancers in order to bring death to their enemies. Although they are slow and clumsy, Zombies do not feel pain or fear. This makes them frightening foes, and ideal cannon fodder.OffBck

Zombies are the Necropolis town's tier 2 unit in Heroes of Might and Magic V.

A zombie is a body from crypts brought back from the dead to do harm against the necromancer's enemies. They move in awkward jerky movements and are very slow compared to their other undead brethren. However, they are very hard to kill and even the mightiest of knights will find it hard to kill a horde of these beings.


They share the same stats for Attack and Defense with the skeletons. They are very slow units, and they are one of the last to move in a battle. However, they have an advantage in their health, which is very good. This gives them staying power in an extended combat.


The zombies are slow and sluggish creatures and this flaw is enough for them to be not much of a use in the Necropolis army. Their attack and defense values are those of a tier-1 unit and the fact that their damage is low does not do them any favors.

In spite of their disadvantages, they can be utilised to be of some worth in a battle. Zombies are durable and it is quite hard to kill them in a single attack. They can act as a cannon fodder for their much weaker allies and divert some of the attack towards them, buying precious moments in a battle.

During the early stages of a fight, be sure to put them in the front row to screen other weaker allies. In small numbers, they can buy a few turns for their allies to get into the attack; but in large stacks, they can be a much greater annoyance to the enemies if maneuvered correctly. Potentially, with the right terrain, they can block melee creatures from attacking the back row of the army. This can be useful in tricky situations. Like most slower units, when used properly in battle they can greatly affect its outcome.


  • UndeadThis creature is not alive and its morale is always neutral . It cannot be affected by Poison- , Blind- or Mind-related magic.OffBck
  • Enrage - This creature's attack increases when any friendly unit dies in battle (except resurrected creatures or creatures summoned onto the battlefield by magic). The increase is proportional to the killed stack relative power in the army.OffBck

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