The zombie is a first-level creature, connected to the Necropolis in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It can be purchased at the Desecrated Grave external dwelling.

Zombies are remarkably hard to destroy.OffBck

Comments Edit

Zombies are the most durable level-one creatures in the game. With 24 Hit points and 10 defense, they are quite tough opponents in the early game, and if used properly they can serve as a very good living (or perhaps unliving) shield for your shooters and casters.

With roughly the same movement speed as skeletons, they won't slow your army down much, either.

Abilities Edit


Undead creatures are not affected by morale, or by spells and abilities that only work on living creatures. Some spells and artifacts (such as Holy Water) have special effects on Undead creatures. Undead creatures, however, give an additional -2 morale penalty to all non-Death creatures.


Toughness increases this creature's hit points.

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