Zanthora the Mad is a character in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer.

Zanthora, also known as the Mad Necromancer, was a powerful, yet enigmatic member of the Necromancer's Guild of Shadowspire. Her experiments, bizarre even by necromantic standards, led the Necromancers to build her a laboratory far from the Guild in order to both distance themselves from her and preserve her dark genius. As feared as she was renowned for her beauty, Zanthora reclusively continued and apparently finished her major experiment in her newly-built laboratory: the creation of Undead Dragons which the Necromancers particulary feared. While they were aware of the power that these monsters had, they were more concerned with the consequences of losing control over them.

During the events of Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer, the Hero of Jadame's party recieves two quests that lead them to the Mad Necromancer's Lab: the promotions of Knights and Necromancers to Champions and Liches, respectively. For the Champion promotion, the party has to recover the lost dragon-slaying spear, Ebonest and rescue the Champion Blazen Stormlance, who is imprisoned in what appears to be Zanthora's personal chamber. For the Lich promotion, the party has to acquire the Lich Jars.

Although the party can talk to several NPCs about Zanthora, as well as visit her lab, the Mad Necromancer herself makes no appearance in the game.


"Perhaps we should go home? I'm no Solmyr!"
This section's canonical status is questionable. It may contain non-canon, quasi-canon or fanmade material, and does not represent official Might and Magic lore.

Since there are no depictions of Zanthora in any of the Might and Magic games, the community tried to imagine Zanthora's identity. She is likely to appear in any of the ascending fan projects based on the Might and Magic lore.

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