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Zallisa is a medusa queen appearing in The Sword of Frost, the eighth part of Heroes Chronicles.

Some time after Tarnum the overlord took control of the armies of Nighon, he was attacked by a medusa that wanted to kill him and become the new ruler, but the three beholders Neez, Kilkik, and Zarm saved him and killed the medusa. Shortly afterward, Tarnum and the beholders learned that the medusa's ten hatchlings were planning another ambush, so they struck first. They killed the medusas, but Zarm died as well.

After this betrayal, the other medusas were given fewer rations and a smaller share of the treasure as punishment. They were always eager to get on Tarnum's good side, hungrily hunting information about his enemies and begging to present it to him. When Tarnum learned that his beholder advisors were growing dangerous, he hired the minotaur king Trongar as his new bodyguard and asked him to arrange something. Trongar told a group of medusas to ambush Neez, the leader of the beholders, and kill him with elven arrows, to make it look like an enemy attack. The medusas eagerly complied, both to get on their overlord's good side and to get revenge for the dead medusas. With his closest ally dead, Kilkik was far less powerful than before.

As commander of the medusas, Zallisa became Tarnum's new advisor. Grateful for this opportunity, she became one of his most trusted soldiers. When Kilkik became unhappy with the way Tarnum refused to torture his prisoner Ufretin, he tried to drive the army to the point of mutiny. One night, he decided to sneak into Ufretin's cage and kill the dwarf, but Tarnum had anticipated this. He had already taken the prisoner away to set him free, and Zallisa had hidden inside the cage. When Kilkik entered the cage, Zallisa stabbed him to death with a crude dagger forged from bone. "This is for my sisters!"

It is unknown what happened to Zallisa after Tarnum captured Volee, and whether she survived the Reckoning or not.

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