Yugen is a character in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Yugen was trained to be a dancer in Nariya's imperial company, the Silk Waves. This all-Human troupe of over a hundred men and women performs twice a year, when the Eternal Empress leaves her immense palace beneath the oceans to visit her island provinces above the waters. The prestigious company was decimated by assassins for reasons that are still unkown. Yugen was one of only three survivors, and he became a priest of Shalassa to thank the Dragon Goddess of Water for his miraculous escape. The Eternal Empress still asks the surviving trio to perform for her once a year; these spectacles mark the only occasions Yugen still dances in public. It is said that his dance is so melancholic that even the Dragon Eels cry when he performs.OffBck


Yugen is a Magic hero of the Sanctuary faction, and as such, his default class is Monk. Though the Dynasty page lists his class as Tide Master, the player may develop him however they choose when he is used in a game. His specialization, Master of Water, increases the effectiveness of Water Magic by 6%.


Yugen appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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