Yrwanna is a Warlock from Heroes of Might and Magic V.


"Wherever Yrwanna goes she is followed by a retinue of admirers who praise her beauty. But there is a keen intellect hidden behind the stunning appearance, and Yrwanna knows well how to using her looks to achieve her goals. Though Yrwanna has been known to sacrifice hundreds of her followers to achieve victory, it has not weakened the loyalty of her troops."



Hero Trait
H5SpecBloodMistress Blood Mistress
All Blood Maidens, Blood Furies and Blood Sisteres[sic] in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicIrresistibleMagic Basic Irresistible Magic
H5BasicEnlightenment Basic Enlightenment H5Intelligence Intelligence


Heroes VEdit

The WarlockEdit
  • The Clanlord: Yrwanna is one of the participants of the tournament to become Shadowbrand Clan's leader.

Tribes of the EastEdit

Ylaya's QuestEdit


Yrwanna appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic V.


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