Icon-MM7 Young behemoth Icon-MM7
Young Behemoth - MM VII
Hit Points: 337
Armor Class: 35
Damage: 3D10+20
Movement limit: Long
Speed: 250
Attack Speed: 80
AI type: Normal
Primary attack: Physical
Attack bonus: Break armor
Experience: 2,475
Treasure: 50D10 gold
Fire: 30
Air: 30
Water: 30
Earth: 30
Mind: Immune
Spirit: 0
Body: 30
Light: 15
Dark: 15
Physical: 20

The young behemoth is a monster in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. Its stronger versions are the behemoth and ancient behemoth.

Young behemoths can be encountered in the Tunnels to Eeofol and the Breeding Zone. They are immune to mind attacks, but have no resistance to spirit attacks. Their attack can break their target's armor.

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