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For the similarly named character in Warlords of the Wasteland, see Yalla.

Ylaya is a character in Heroes of Might and Magic V and its add-ons, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East.


Ylaya is a Keeper of the Law for the Shadowbrand clan of Dark Elves. As such, her life has been described as levels of religious piousness, devotion, and training in the arts of Dragon Magic. A respected matriarch in a position of responsibility, she is devoted to her dragon-goddess Malassa. Ylaya lacks experience as a military commander, however, so she relies on the unfailing support of her sisters, the matrons and matriarchs of Ygg-Chall.OffBck

Ylaya in The Warlock campaign

Ylaya was a Keeper of the Law of the Shadowbrand Clan. Trouble rose when the dark elves began to be dissolving after Raelag mysteriously disappeared. She spied and learned Thralsai and Shadya were the ones who wanted Soulscar Clan revived. She went to search for Raelag and found he was with Isabel. They joined together and defeated Thralsai. Raelag went to search for Isabel's child, while Ylaya and Isabel went to liberate Horncrest and find shelter. Ylaya promised to fight Biara and her plans.

Later, she met Zehir, who attacked a rival clan, disposing of her troubles. She went to Talonguard and attacked Biara's troops. When it was all over, Ylaya returned back to Ygg-Chall to continue working as the Keeper of the Law.


Ylaya is a Warlock.


Hero Trait
H5SpecDarkMystic.png Dark Mystic
Dark ritual ability is more powerful, enabling the hero to regenerate mana even beyond the normal max mana cap. Amount regenerated over the cap depends on hero level.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicIrresistibleMagic.png Basic Irresistible Magic File:H5Dark ritual.png Dark ritual
H5BasicAttack.png Basic Attack


Heroes of Might and Magic V[]

The Warlock[]
  • The Clanlord: Ylaya explains the rules of the competition Raelag wants to win.
  • The Expansion: Ylaya responds that Raelag needs to consult with Malsara to begin his project of unifying the clans.
  • The Cultists: Ylaya agrees on fighting the Soulscar Clan and their friends - demons.

Hammers of Fate[]

Ylaya's Quest[]
  • The Spy: Ylaya needs to find the traitors among the dark elves.
  • The Break: Ylaya has to escape from Thralsai's servants.
  • The Meeting: Raelag needs to be found, while Ylaya must not allow Malsara to be killed.
  • Dragons: Ylaya goes to negotiate with dragons to help in her task to defeat Thralsai.
  • The Decoupling: Ylaya and Isabel go to Horncrest to see what needs to be done.

Tribes of the East[]

Flying to the Rescue[]


She appears as a character named Keeper of the Law in The Warlock campaign, while in Heroes V add-ons as a Warlock instead.


Ylaya appears in Heroes of Might and Magic V and its add-ons, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East.

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