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For other creatures of the same name, see yeti.

"I told you to see if he's in the league with the Faceless, not to burn his eyes out!"

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Icon-Crusaders.jpg Yeti (CoMM) Icon-Crusaders.jpg
Hit Points: 550
Damage: 30-60
Strength: 80
Level: 6
Experience: 3600
Treasure: 150 gold
Light gems
Normal: 65
Fire: 45
Air: 65
Water: 100
Earth: 65
Mind: 65
Spirit: 65
Body: 65
Light: 100
Dark: 35

The yeti is a monster in the PlayStation version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. It is weaker than the yeti shaman, and can be found in The Glaciers.

Yetis commonly use their fists in combat, and carry spiked shields. They usually drop 150 gold and some light gems when defeated.

They are immune to water and light damage, but weak to fire and dark damage.

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