Xenoc is a character in Might and Magic V: Darkside of Xeen. He is one of Sheltem's minions on the Darkside of Xeen. The party must kill him to complete the Put an end to Xenoc and Morgana's terror and report to Astra quest.

Biography Edit

When the Defenders of Xeen sought to gather the dragon pharaoh's allies to resist Sheltem, they decided to travel to Castle Kalindra to find Queen Kalindra, ruler of the Darkside of Xeen. However, Sheltem had placed the castle out of phase with the physical realm, and the party had to gather energy discs to power a spell to restore the castle. Part of their quest involved liberating the city of Sandcaster from Xenoc and Morgana, Sheltem's minions.

Gameplay Edit

Icon-MM5 Xenoc Icon-MM5
Hit Points: 700
Armor Class: 35
# of Attacks: 1
Damage: 10D50
Speed: 175
Primary attack: Energy
Experience: 250,000
Treasure: 100 gems
Treasure level: 6
Magic: 50
Fire: 50
Physical: 0
Electric: 50
Cold: 50
Poison: 50
Energy: 100

Xenoc's attack deals 10D50 energy damage and can strike all members of the party. He is immune to energy damage and resistant to all other forms of damage except physical.

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