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Icon-MM7 Wyvern Icon-MM7
Wyvern - MM VII
Hit Points: 93
Armor Class: 14
Damage: 7D6
Movement limit: Free
Speed: 80
AI type: Normal
Preferred enemy: Druid
Primary attack: Physical
Attack bonus: Poison 2
Experience: 551
Treasure: 25D8 gold
10% chance for a level 3 item
Fire: 10
Air: 10
Water: 10
Earth: 10
Mind: 10
Spirit: 5
Body: 10
Light: 5
Dark: 5
Physical: 10

The wyvern is a monster in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. Its stronger versions are the horned wyvern and ancient wyvern.

Wyverns can be encountered in the Tularean Caves and AvLee. Their attack can cause poison, and they will target Druids and Rangers in the party.

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