Wysloth is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VII.


The eldest son of a great Sea Elf captain, Wysloth's fate was determined before he was born: he will take command of his Crew when his father retires. Nobody bothered asking Wysloth if that is what he truly desires. Like all representatives of the Shaldan people, Wysloth masters all aspects of life at sea, including the art of waging war from a ship's deck.
Having shipwrecked in the Twilight Archipelago following a mysterious storm, Wysloth threw his lot in with a group of castaways from Irollan, Sylvan Elves in desperate need of a navigator to survive these treacherous waters. The only who seem unwilling to trust him is the Elves leader, Danan.
The very fact Wysloth was a Shaldan allowed him to escape the trap laid by the Dark Elf Ashbeth near the infamous reefs of Shadris and Sorleth. Wysloth could free his companions from the influence of the Lurthil plant and defeat Ashbeth, finally gaining Danan's friendship.
On Dragonmist Island, Wysloth and Danan fought against the Wizard Saabira, who intended to use the Elemental Forge of Summer to nefarious ends. Wysloth then had to choose whether he preferred to stay at Danan's side as the caretaker of the Forge, or return to his own people. It all depends on who is telling the tale...


Wysloth is a Warden.


Hero Trait
[[File:|85px]] Sea Warfare
All Hunters, Druids, Blade Dancers and their upgrades controlled by the hero gain the Sea Warfare ability.OffBck


Wysloth appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VII.

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