Icon-MM7 Wromthrax Icon-MM7
Blue dragon - MM VII
Hit Points: 1,080
Armor Class: 80
Damage: 14D8
Fly: Yes
Movement limit: Medium
Speed: 260
Attack Speed: 65
AI type: Aggressive
Primary attack: Water (ranged)
Experience: 9,000
Treasure: 300D10 gold
Level 6 item
Fire: 50
Air: 50
Water: Immune
Earth: 50
Mind: 50
Spirit: 15
Body: Immune
Light: 30
Dark: 30
Physical: 50

Wromthrax is a unique monster that appears in Wromthrax's Cave in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. He has the appearance and stats of a blue dragon, but uses a ranged water attack, dealing 14D8 damage, and is immune to water and body attacks.

The Kill Wromthrax the Heartless quest requires the party to enter his cave, slay Wromthrax the Heartless, and return to Sir Charles Quixote in Erathia, who will promote all Paladins in the party to Crusaders as a reward. Wromthrax lives alone in his cave near the snowy mountains of Tatalia.

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