The self-taught Necromancer, Worllarc was dubbed the "greatest tragedy" of the white tigers of Axeoth for his practice of draining the life of tiger cubs in order to unnaturally prolong his own existence.


During his human life, Worllarc came up with a spell capable of postponing or even preventing his death. He arranged an underground laboratory, and using the spell he began to drain life from cubs still in the mother's womb (most notably from white tiger cubs).

Worllarc eventually settled in his laboratory, transforming it in an underground domain over the years. Along with his experimentations, he also began to raise an army of Undead by means of necromancy. For a long and indeterminate period, his influence in the region began to grow, culminating with a period two years in which not even a single white tiger cub was born alive.

This time coincided with the diplomatic mission of an elf named Elwin, sent by nation of Aranorn to discuss an alliance with the white tigers. The tigers asked Elwin to aid them with their "greatest tragedy", and the elf, searching for a solution to the tiger's problem, stumbled upon the entrance of Worllarc's catacomb. Sensing the dark energy emanated from within, Elwin entered the gate and destroyed the Undead army, also putting an end to Worllarc's unnatural life. Afterward, the elf tore down the laboratory, managing to lift the spell in the process.

Elwin was the only living person who saw Worllarc's laboratory, and he described it as a dank room where "everything in it was part of a complicated spell. The bloody drawings on the floor and ceiling, the tiger eyes stored in jars, the piles of claws and teeth and bones, and things I'd rather not mention - they were all arranged to draw the life from the white tiger cubs while still in the wombs of their mothers".


Worllarc appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.