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The Wizard is the first promotion of the sorcerer in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. To be promoted to wizards, sorcerers must seek out Thomas Grey in the Bracada Desert and complete his quest to gather six golem parts and construct a golem.

Wizards gain 3 hit points and 4 spell points per level, and can learn master fire, water, air, and earth magic instead of expert.


Skill Basic Expert Master Grand
Sword No No No No
Axe No No No No
Staff Yes Yes Yes No
Spear No No No No
Dagger Yes Yes No No
Bow Yes No No No
Mace No No No No
Unarmed No No No No
Leather Yes Yes No No
Chain No No No No
Plate No No No No
Shield No No No No
Dodging No No No No
Fire Yes Yes Yes No
Water Yes Yes Yes No
Air Yes Yes Yes No
Earth Yes Yes Yes No
Spirit No No No No
Mind No No No No
Body No No No No
Dark No No No No
Light No No No No
Disarm Trap No No No No
Perception Yes Yes No No
Merchant Yes No No No
Learning Yes Yes Yes No
Meditation Yes Yes Yes No
Body Building No No No No
Identify Item Yes Yes Yes No
Repair Item Yes Yes No No
Identify Monster Yes Yes Yes No
Armsmaster No No No No
Stealing No No No No
Alchemy Yes Yes Yes No


If playing as a good party, wizards can be promoted to archmages by talking to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery in the Bracada Desert and completing his quest to retrieve the book of Divine Intervention from the Breeding Zone in The Pit. Archmages can learn grandmaster light magic.

If playing as an evil party, they can instead be promoted to liches by talking to Halfgild Wynac in the Darkenmore Residence in The Pit and completing his quest to fetch four empty soul jars from the Walls of Mist in Celeste. Liches can learn grandmaster dark magic.