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"Wizard creatures have a little of everything, some toughness, some speed, some range strike ability. Like the Necromancer, the Wizard is weak in the early game, strong in the midgame, and challenges the Warlock for endgame power. Titans and Archmages are the best range strike creatures around, and Titans match up to Dragons in power."

The Wizard is both a faction and a class of Hero in Heroes of Might and Magic II.


The Wizard faction is one of the two factions from Heroes II that aren't based on previous factions, the other being the Necromancer.

The Library building gives the Wizard access to more spells in their Mage Guilds than any other faction, one for each spell level. The Titan is the strongest ranged creature in the game, and the only creature that can match the black dragon in combat.


All text is taken from the Heroes II manual.

Tier Unit Icon Description
1 Halfling
Heroes II Halfling Icon.png
Halflings provide solid, early range strike ability for the Wizard.
2 Boar
Heroes II Boar Icon.png
Boars are fast and strong and make excellent units for exploring.
3 Iron Golem
Heroes II Iron Golem Icon.png
1/2 damage from elemental spells. The high defense, partial magic resistance, and slow speed make Golems excellent garrison creatures.
3+ Steel Golem
Heroes II Steel Golem Icon.png
1/2 damage from elemental spells. The Golem upgrade is faster, tougher, and stronger.
4 Roc
Heroes II Roc Icon.png
Flies. The only flying creature available to the Wizard, Roc offers solid offense and defense.
5 Mage
Heroes II Mage Icon.png
No penalty for attacking adjacent units. Though weak, Mages provide incredible offensive power.
5+ Archmage
Heroes II Archmage Icon.png
No adjacent penalty. 20% chance to dispel beneficial spells on their target. Archmages are second only to Titans in range strike ability.
6 Giant
Heroes II Giant Icon.png
Immune to mind-affecting spells. Giants do good damage and have enormous hit points, making them the scariest creature on the ground.
6+ Titan
Heroes II Titan Icon.png
Immune to mind-affecting spells. No penalty for attacking adjacent units. Titans are capable of defeating Dragons in one on one combat.


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The Wizard is the namesake class of the Wizard faction. Wizards are magic heroes, and start with 1 defense, 2 spellpower and 2 knowledge, and the skill Advanced wisdom.


Wizard Heroes[]

The various wizard heroes seen in Heroes II.


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