Wizard's Land 1 is a scenario in Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars, and the first scenario in the Wizard's Land trilogy.

You have been apprenticed to your master for years, but now you've found out that he has sinister plans for you.OffBck

Solmyr managed to scrape together a large fighting force, attacking his master Mandalis head-on and defeating him in magical combat. He was at last free from his master's sinister plans.

Walkthrough Edit

Solmyr starts out with a wizard town that cannot be upgraded, and a few rogues. Two nearby wagon camps allow him to hire more, and he can hire wizard creatures in the town. Mandalis has a wizard castle in the northeastern corner, and he'll stay there.

In order to survive the fight against his master, Solmyr will need to visit the dwellings around the map, to build up a large army, and increase his primary skills by visiting the adventure map structures. Following the obelisks will give him an ultimate artifact. Solmyr should start by fighting the peasants guarding the gold mine and the sawmill. He should then fight the halflings guarding the halfling holes. After receiving the halfings from the dwelling, Solmyr should travel to the east to fight the dwarves guarding a gold mine and an ore mine. He should then head west and north of his base to recruit sprites, then back to his base to recruit troops one last time. Fight the swordsmen guarding the mercenary camps to gain attack bonuses, then head to the north to a beach area to find the warlock town in the north.

The warlock town will allow him to hire creatures, including red dragons, and the nearby ship can take him to the island, for some more bonuses. Far to the south and east, there's another warlock town protected by ogres, allowing him to build up an even larger army. Combined with the Dragon City, he can build up quite a force of red dragons.

Mandalis has large neutral stacks protecting his castle, and will build up while Solmyr travels, so the last fight will be a challenge.