Windswords campaign

Cover image of Windswords campaign. The artwork features Siegfried, Champion of Faith.

Windswords (formerly known as Orc Invasion) is a series of quests in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. It is composed of five quests. The following quest series is Void Rising. By completing this campaign, Cassandra's Puzzle quest of the puzzle campaign is unlocked.

  1. Vradek's Crossing
  2. A Pirate in the Woods
  3. Darkwood Forest
  4. Mountain Marauders
  5. Demonic Infestation

Though a lot of mercenaries seek fame and fortune, the Windswords do their best job to serve Ylath. To their pledge, the members try to forget their past. The hero fled the necromancers, who turned him in a vampire after drinking the Sacred Spider's venom. Even after a century, the hero felt no life and decided to serve the gods instead.

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