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Wern was a shaman appearing in The Fiery Moon, the sixth part of Heroes Chronicles. He was the wisest of Tarnum's shamans.

Tarnum and the barbarian tribe under his command were trying to follow Vorr, the Mad Ancestor who had captured the other Ancestors and tried to destroy the World Tree. Tarnum asked Wern where Vorr could have gone, and gave him a ceramic bottle full of strong spirits as payment for his services. Wern drank the bottle, but when Tarnum returned a few days later for the answer, the shaman had forgotten the question. When Wern tried to scam another keg of ale out of him, Tarnum grabbed him by the throat until the shaman admitted that without the guidance of the Ancestors, he could tell him nothing.

As they followed Vorr, a group of demons attacked them, and Tarnum learned that his foe had a new ally. They fought their way through the enemy armies and tracked the Mad Ancestor. One day, his men found a wounded familiar named Skizzik, who claimed that he was actually dead, he just hadn't stopped moving or talking. He also claimed that, as a corpse, he no longer served Vorr. Wern didn't trust him, and neither did Grumba, the ogre who served as Tarnum's second-in-command, but Tarnum wanted to keep the poor little thing around.

As Tarnum came closer to Vorr, and to freeing the Ancestors, he suddenly started to grow older, as his immortality was tied to the Ancestors. He had pain in his joints, couldn't move as quickly or easily as before, and had trouble getting out of bed. When he needed to ask a couple orcs to push him up on his own horse, Tarnum considered killing himself, but Wern saw the look in his eyes and came to talk to him. He told him that without the Ancestors, none of the barbarians would be able to enter Paradise, and would forever be cast into oblivion. If Tarnum killed himself, no one would be able to save the Ancestors. Tarnum sighed, but continued his struggle.

Wern was killed in the battle against Vorr, and Grumba was also slain, but Tarnum and Skizzik survived and eventually defeated the Mad Ancestor.

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