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Welleck is a character that appears in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. He was a tall, muscular man with a large belly, a broad face and a well-kept mustache, and came from the mountains west of The Wheel. The others described him as "decent and sensible" and "clean-spoken", and he often acted as the voice of reason.

Welleck worked for Breitling as a wagoneer, and was part of the caravan that transported Diligence to the Unseen Wall. He grew very fond of Diligence and Hitch, and often stood up for them when they were criticised by Breitling or Nury.

While he was honest and direct when he needed to, he was also a peaceful man, and usually did his best to defuse tension within the group. When Pomponderant left the caravan, Diligence wanted Hitch to take his place in their meetings, but Nury and Breitling refused to provide him with a chair. When Diligence gave her chair to Hitch and told them that she would stand instead, Welleck quickly fetched another chair, scowling at his employer before sitting down again.

Welleck knew a lot about monsters, and would often warn the others about creatures they might encounter in their travels. This was one of the reasons he was eager for the caravan to stay as far away from the Aulmad as they possibly could. He had an antidote kit in his wagon, and knew how to treat astilfe bites.

He was usually calm, but Welleck could be dangerous when angered. When the caravan thought Hitch had been murdered at Paddifraw's Repose, Nury muttered something so vile that it drove Welleck into a rage, and the others had to restrain him to ensure he didn't punch her.

When the caravan was ambushed after leaving Paddifraw's Repose, Welleck made his way across the Madescent on his own, and he was the first to reach Penbarb's Balm of Golden Rest. Here, he met up with most of the other survivors. The group eventually reached the crystal palace, where Welleck was astonished at the wonders they saw.

On their way back to The Wheel, the caravan was ambushed by Lord Grott and his soldiers. Shevoss drew her slicer and scattergun, hoping to take as many of the enemy with her as possible before she died, but Welleck stopped her and told her to think about her little son back home. "Our hopes don't die until we do - remember that!"

In order to protect Diligence, he told Lord Grott that he was her father, and that they were not important. When that didn't work, he told him that she was an alter, worth a fortune. Sadly, Lord Grott easily saw through any bluff he attempted.

The group was later taken prisoner by the candlemen, and were eventually freed and taken back to the crystal palace.