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Webstation Beta-5 is a location that appears in the good (and canonical) ending to Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. It is located somewhere in the Spinward Rim, and acted as a waystation for people to travel between worlds.

If the party brings the Oscillation Overthruster to Resurrectra, she and her friends will finish building the gate that is meant to help them reach the Ancients. When they pass through, they end up on the webstation, and are met by a Corak unit that they initially mistake for their lost friend.

The guardian explains that the gate system was set up a thousand years ago, but the Ancients never got around to set up a destination portal on Enroth before the war with the kreegans consumed all their time and resources.

The kreegan infiltration of the gate web cut off the Spinward Rim from the rest of the system, and thus the Ancients, but the webstation has gates to many other worlds that the Ancients have seeded in the Spinward Rim, as long as they possess Control Cubes to pass through the gates.

They wonder where they can go from here, and Corak tells them "Why, anywhere you want, my friends. Anywhere you want."

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