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Part of the web, seen from Webstation Beta-5

The Web of Worlds is a interplanetary "network of shipping and communications" in the Ancient universe. It was created by the Ancients to travel and communicate between the worlds they had created.

The kreegans managed to infiltrate the web, causing mayhem and cutting the Spinward Rim off from the rest of the web. The inhabitants lost contact with the Ancients, an event later known as the Silence.

Without their guidance, the worlds of the Spinward Rim began to descend into barbarism. Machines like the Heavenly Forges could no longer be maintained, and the last Forge on Enroth stopped working in 113 AS.

When asked about the Web of Worlds, Escaton noted that "There are more worlds than yours--a myriad of them. These worlds were once held in a great web whose threads could be traversed like bridges over rivers. What you call the Silence was marked by the breaking of the web which was built by my masters."

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