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The warrior is a class in Legends of Might and Magic. She is a member of the evil team, and is an expert in close combat, though not as skilled at range. She is the counterpart of the good paladin. She is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, making her easier to hit than the heretic, but harder than the paladin and warlord.

Warriors start with the berserker axe and throwing axe. Their superweapon is the earthquake hammer, which can cause an earthquake in a 40-foot radius from the point of impact. Warriors can use all types of armor.

The warrior is very useful in early rounds, but unlike the paladin, she will remain dangerous even in the later rounds. The earthquake hammer can cause a lot of damage to a clustered enemy team, but will also damage the warrior if she's too close to the point of impact.

The Warrior is the quintessential melee fighter. Armed with a massive dual-handed Berserker Axe she is nearly unstoppable, and her special weapon, a mystical hammer, is rumored to make even the earth tremble.OffBck