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The Warlock is the Magic hero class of the Dungeon faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. Its Might counterpart is the Overlord.

Warlocks learn magic for the power it gives them to achieve dark and selfish goals. More than any other hero, they focus on the pursuit of magical knowledge over other values. Warlocks often flaunt their power, using magic to alter their features.OffBck

When levelling up, warlocks are most likely to gain spellpower (50%) and knowledge (40%), and less likely to gain attack and defense (5% each) for the first ten levels. After level ten, it's 20% each for attack and defense, and 30% each for spellpower and knowledge.

Skill probability[]

Probability Skill
10 Sorcery, Wisdom
8 Eagle Eye, Intelligence, Mysticism, Scholar
6 Ballistics, First Aid
5 Earth Magic, Estates
4 Diplomacy, Learning, Navigation
3 Fire Magic, Leadership
2 Air Magic, Archery, Logistics, Luck, Pathfinding, Scouting, Water Magic
1 Armorer, Artillery, Offense, Tactics
0 Necromancy, Resistance

Notable warlocks[]

Dungeon heroes in Heroes III
Ajit · Arlach · Dace · Damacon · Gunnar · Lorelei · Shakti · Synca
Alamar · Darkstorm · Deemer · Geon · Jaegar · Jeddite · Malekith · Sephinroth