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"The Warlock units are slow and expensive, but have high hit points and good Attack and Defense skills. Poor in the midgame, Warlock creatures are effective in the early game, and show their true colors in the endgame, where Dragons rule the battlefield. Warlocks can have success on small maps, but generally do better on larger maps where they have time to develop Dragons."
—Heroes II Manual

The Warlock is both a faction and a class of Hero in Heroes of Might and Magic II.


The Warlock faction is based on the Mountain faction from Heroes of Might and Magic I, using the same creatures. The Warlock faction relies on strong, expensive fighters to fill their ranks.

Due to the Dungeon building, which generates 500 gold each day, the Warlocks gain more gold than any other faction.

The Dragon is the only creature in the game that can be upgraded twice, and it is also one of the most powerful - only the Wizard's Titan can hope to match it in battle.


All text is taken from the Heroes II manual.

Tier Unit Description
1 Centaur
Heroes II Centaur Icon.png
Centaurs are the only range strike creature available to the Warlock and are valuable for that reason.
2 Gargoyle
Heroes II Gargoyle Icon.png
Flies. Due to their speed and toughness, Gargoyles are one of the most useful Warlock creatures.
3 Griffin
Heroes II Griffin Icon.png
Flies. May retaliate against any number of attackers. Griffins are able to fight large numbers of creatures and prove victorious.
4 Minotaur
Heroes II Minotaur Icon.png
Minotaurs are good offensive creatures but are slow compared to the earlier Warlock creatures.
4+ Minotaur King
Heroes II Minotaur King Icon.png
The Minotaur upgrade saves the Warlock in the midgame because of the increased speed and toughness.
5 Hydra
Heroes II Hydra Icon.png
Attacks all adjacent enemies. Though powerful, their slow speed makes the Hydra most useful as a garrison creature.
6 Green Dragon
Heroes II Green Dragon Icon.png
Flies. Attack affects two hexes. Immune to spells. The Dragon easily reigns as the best sixth level creature and can fight small armies itself.
6+ Red Dragon
Heroes II Red Dragon Icon.png
Flies. Attack affects two hexes. Immune to spells. The first upgrade to the Dragon improves speed, toughness, and skill.
6++ Black Dragon
Heroes II Black Dragon Icon.png
Flies. Attack affects two hexes. Immune to spells. The second upgrade to the Dragon improves again in speed, toughness, and skill.


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The Warlock is the namesake class of the Warlock faction. Warlocks are Magic heroes, and start with 3 Spellpower and 2 Knowledge, and the skills Basic Wisdom and Advanced Scouting.


  • Primary skill When levelling up below level ten, the Warlock has a 10% chance to increase Attack, a 10% chance to increase Defense, a 50% chance to increase Spellpower, and a 30% chance to increase Knowledge. At level ten and beyond, it's 20% each for Attack and Defense and 30% for Spellpower and Knowledge.
  • Secondary skills: The Warlock is most likely to learn Wisdom, followed by Scouting, followed by Ballistics, Eagle Eye, and Mysticism, followed by Diplomacy, Estates, Logistics, Navigation, and Pathfinding, and least likely to learn Archery, Leadership, Luck, or Necromancy. The Warlock is the only hero class that can learn all secondary skills.

The various warlock heroes seen in Heroes II.


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