War of the Primordial Twins

The Mythic Age of Ashan ended with an all-out war, the War of the Primordial Twins or The Wars of Creation, which was fought on all levels of reality between the Primordial Twins, Asha and Urgash. The Dragon of Chaos, Urgash, was vanquished but not destroyed. He was jailed in Sheogh, the planet's fiery core, and his monstrous offsprings, the demons, were cast out of the material world along with him. The Dragon of Order, Asha, severely weakened by the conflict, buried herself within the moon to rest, heal and dream.

However, Elrath's children, the angels, wished to end the threat of chaos once and for all and attempted to attack the fiery prison realm and kill Urgash. Malassa and her children, the Faceless, knew that without chaos, order wouldn't be able to exist either, so they intercepted the angels. Many, especially the angels, saw the Faceless' attack as an act of betrayal, and therefore launched a crusade against the Children of Darkness. Thus began the devastating Elder Wars and the Fall of The Shantiri Empire.

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