For the Heroes V skill, see War Machines.

The war machines are special artifacts in the Heroes of Might and Magic games that will appear on the battlefield, like creatures.

Heroes I and IIEdit

The only war machine in Heroes I and Heroes II is the catapult. It can be found in every hero's arsenal, only appears in siege combat, and cannot be destroyed.

Heroes IIIEdit

In Heroes III, there are four war machines: the catapult, the ballista, the ammo cart, and the first aid tent.

Every hero has a catapult, while the rest can be purchased from the blacksmith, the ballista yard or the war machine factory.

Heroes IVEdit

Unlike its predecessors, Heroes of Might and Magic IV doesn't have war machines - while the ballista and catapult make an appearance in the game, they are just creatures, rather than items.

Heroes VEdit

Heroes V has the same system as Heroes III - a catapult, a ballista, an ammo cart, and a first aid tent. While they can be purchased from the blacksmith, like in Heroes III, they can also be found at the War Machine Factory, where purchasing the whole set is cheaper.

Heroes VIEdit

Like in Heroes II, the only war machine in Heroes VI is the catapult.

Heroes VIIEdit

Heroes VII has three different war machines: a catapult, a healing support and a ballista. However, the war machines vary in appearance and in certain effects among factions.

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