Thin and thick Haven walls

Walls are defensive lines in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. They are formed when three or more core units of the same color are placed in a horizontal line. Walls become stronger when the hero levels up.

Walls reduce the power of charging enemies, protecting the hero and their creatures from attack. To maximize their effectiveness, walls will instantly move to the front of the battle, closest to the enemy, when they are created. Walls will only block enemy attacks - units can always attack over their own walls.

When two sections of wall have been placed in the same line, they will combine to form a thicker wall. Note that this only happens once - if a third section of wall is created, it will be placed behind the thicker section of wall.

All five factions have special rules for their walls that increase their usefulness. For example, Sylvan walls regenerate hit points every turn.

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