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Waerjak (which means griffin in an old barbarian language) is a male human Barbarian who is the main hero of the Stronghold campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

He also makes an appearance in the first scenario of Heroes Chronicles: Clash of the Dragons, where he is mentioned as Tarnum's foster son.


Waerjak was raised without a tribe and without a family, wandering the land with his foster father. But he never forgot his Barbarian blood. This intelligent and worldly young man now hopes to one day reclaim the long-forgotten glory and honor of his people.OffBck

Waerjak was an orphan until Adrienne (per Tarnum's order) had him educated. When the Reckoning happened, Waerjak went through a portal with Tarnum into Axeoth.

In Axeoth, Waerjak soon realized that if the barbarian tribes were not unified, they would go extinct. Since Tarnum did not want to be the next Barbarian King (due to his past), Waerjak accepted the role and helped the barbarian communities. He and Tarnum went to a land ruled by some barbarian lords, though Waerjak defeated all of them, though two remained: Vogel Backbreaker and Hundric.

Waerjak came to a land ruled by Hundric. The barbarian elders declared him the Barbarian King and he led them to the battle. However, he learned that his foster father, Tarnum, had been captured by Vogel. Vogel tortured Tarnum and Waerjak learned of his father's fate, but had to attack Hundric, as he was keeping his tribesmen as slaves. Hundric was killed and the tribesmen were rescued.

Waerjak, knowing that Vogel killed his father and his death would be the last step in unifying all barbarian tribes, proceeded with the attack. When Vogel was killed, Waerjak was not satisfied. Tarnum's ghost approached him and told Tarnum's history and his refusal to enter Paradise. Tarnum was proud to see his foster son as a Barbarian King and wished him luck.



Heroes Chronicles[]

Clash of the Dragons[]
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Heroes of Might and Magic IV[]

Glory of Days Past[]


Waerjak appears in Clash of the Dragons and Heroes of Might and Magic IV.


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