Baron Von Tarkin is the undead ruler of Korresan, an evil Necromancer that wishes to take over the world. He is the campaign hero for the Death March campaign. The use of that hero requires the Winds of War expansion pack.

Baron Von Tarkin took the throne from a devil named Maximillian Devlos years before his campaign started, he then raised the devil to serve as the servant of the Baron.


"So many living, so little time." Such is the lament of the Baron Von Tarkin. Having become discontented over the decades with his own small kingdom, the Baron now seeks to rid the world of all living things, converting them instead to a vast army of the undead.OffBck

The Baron Von Tarkin, ruler of the undead kingdom of Korresan, has grown weary - not of his own kingdom, but of the grandeur of the neighboring lands of the living. Out of envy, he has hatched a plan to conquer Channon, a kingdom of Life and a gleaming symbol of everything he has come to despise. They shall make a fine first addition to a new army of the dead.

Campaign Info Edit

The Baron Von Tarkin has long since grown discontented with ruling the wastelands knowns as Korresan, and has chosen today to begin a campaign to convert the splendorous kingdoms of the living into his subjugated armies of the dead. His first objective are the lands belonging to the Life-followers, the neighboring kingdom of Channon.

Trivia Edit

  • Baron Von Tarkin is most likely named after Governor Tarkin, the commander of the Death Star in Star Wars IV. This is strengthened by the fact that his second-in-command is Lieutenant Krik, later promoted to Captain Krik - a Death Knight seemingly named after the Star Trek captain.
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