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The hidden City of Volee, and its defenders Larn and Vol

Volee was the first city of the Vori Pure-bloods. The Sword of Frost, an immensely powerful artifact, was created here, but shortly afterwards, the city was buried by glaciers. Some speculate that the sword was responsible for this.

For centuries, the city was hidden deep within the glaciers, but after more than a thousand years, Gelu, Tarnum, and Kija came seeking the sword. Gelu had heard a prophecy that foretold that the world would be destroyed if the Sword of Frost ever met Armageddon's Blade. Since he wielded that blade, he wanted to destroy the Sword of Frost to prevent this from happening. The Immortal Hero Tarnum knew that Gelu's efforts could actually doom the world, rather than save it, so he followed to stop the half-Vori. The barbarian Kija wanted to present the world to her insane warlord of a husband, Kilgor, hoping that he would make her sons his heirs in return.

The armies of the three heroes clashed with each other many times while they explored the glaciers. The passage to Volee could only be opened with the Ring of Infinite Gems. Gelu found the ring and opened the passage, but his friend Ufretin had begun to believe Tarnum's words about the dangers of his quest and stole the ring from Gelu, presenting it to the Immortal Hero. The defenders of Volee viewed them both as dangerous invaders, and fought them with everything they had, but Tarnum eventually defeated them and conquered the town.

Sadly, when he reached the resting place of the Sword of Frost, Kija had already come to claim it while Gelu and Tarnum fought against each other, and she went back to Krewlod to give it to her husband. When Kilgor and Gelu met on the battlefield, both armed with their swords, the clash of the blades started the Reckoning.

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