The Void is a term in the Might and Magic franchise. It is used in both the Ancient universe and the Ashan continuity, but with different meanings.

Ancient universe Edit

In the Ancient universe, the term refers to outer space. In Might and Magic II, it is said that the elemental lords were fighting for control of the Void, each wanting to fill it with their presence. The fury of their struggle caused fertile lands to be formed in the Void, populated by mortal races.

In Might and Magic VI, it is said that that the kreegans came "from the depths of the Void", and that during the Crossing, the races of Enroth traveled in "a great ship that carried us across the void between the stars." In Might and Magic VII, The dark advisors know that Resurrectra and her friends want to use the Oscillation Overthruster to activate a gate of the Ancients, and they fear that this will open "a hole into the void".

In Might and Magic VIII, the Oracle of Jadame claims to be able to "reach my hand through the void and bring things to me--both items and knowledge."

Ashan universe Edit

Avatar of the Void artwork

An Avatar of the Void

In the Ashan continuity, the Void is a powerful force, and mortals can draw magical power from it, but it can also corrupt them. Necromancers who study the magic of the Void are known as Nethermancers.

The Avatar of the Void is a "tremendous and murky shadow" and "a shadowy stain spewed upon the fabric of reality." They are not sentient, but can unmake objects, souls, and memories by their very touch.

Gazal gained the powers of the Void and proclaimed herself to be the "Herald of the Void". She corrupted Kieran and used Void-corrupted or Void-controlled beings as her servants. She was killed by Vein for using the forbidden magic.

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