Vittorio is a hero from Heroes of Might and Magic V.


A veteran of many skirmishes with the tumultuous Free Cities along the Griffin Empire's southeastern border, Vittorio is an expert in the art of the siege. He has spent years perfecting both the design and use of siege engines, firmly believing that countless Griffin lives can be saved by improving their battlefield technologies. Though his radical designs sometimes create unexpected surprises for the teams that first test them, it is agreed that his equipment is second to none.OffBck


Vittorio is a Knight of the Haven faction

Hero Trait
H5SpecSiegeEngineer Siege Engineer
Ballista receive +1 to their Attack for every level of the hero. Catapult's chance to hit the wall is increased by 2% for every hero level.OffBck

Skills Perks
H5BasicCounterstrike Basic Counterstrike
H5BasicWarMachines Basic War Machines H5Ballista Ballista

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