Vilma "Stoneshield" Bjornsdottir is a dwarf of Grimheim that aids Ivan to defeat a threat to the dwarves. She appears in Might & Magic X: Legacy and Trial by Fire.


Shieldmaidens are a special caste among Dwarven women. If a woman decides to become a Shieldmaiden, she forfeits her right to marry and bear children, and severs her blood bonds to family and clan. Instead, she becomes an impartial protector for the community as a whole, often acting as constable and lawkeeper. Though born in Tor-Lindhath, Vilma "Stoneshield" Bjornsdottir is the Shieldmaiden of the southern city of Sudgerd. But there are increasingly frequent times when she finds the loneliness of her function intolerable.OffBck


Might & Magic XEdit

Vilma is a shield maiden from Tor-Lindhath. In Might & Magic X, she can be found in a dwarfen shelter (111,80) in the Valryn Range. She will accompany the party for 250 gold and 8% of the loot. In exchange, she will try to block the first 4 melee and ranged attacks every turn (50% chance).

Heroes VIIEdit

Vilma is a Jarl.


Hero Trait
Icon hs Cautious Cautious
Any friendly creature that only moved without attacking during its turn also defends automatically.OffBck


Vilma appears in Might & Magic X: Legacy, and in the Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire.


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