Vayshan is a hero of the Dungeon faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V.

Vayshan is famous for daring sorties to Irollan, where he makes grim sport of hunting his Sylvan relatives. The reasons for his hatred are unknown, but his troops share in his obsession. Joining Vayshan for a hunt in the forest lands is an honor for his dark Scouts and Assassins who surpass themselves in the hopes of winning their commanders' approval.OffBck


Vayshan is a Warlock of the Dark Elves.

Hero Trait
H5SpecBlackHand Black Hand
All Scouts, Assassins and Stalkers in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defence for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicIrresistibleMagic Basic Irresistible Magic
H5BasicLuck Basic Luck H5SoldiersLuck Soldier's Luck

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