Sir Varkas is a character in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.


Sir Varkas is one of the knights sent to attack Irollan. When he was informed demons were involved in treachery, he immediately stopped attacking and called a truce.

Later, he joined alongside Godric in Sleeping Stag Inn. Initially, he wanted to free his men, who were taken captive by Count Carlyle's men. He fought with Godric to discover Carlyle's plans.

His dog beside him is Rufus, who he keeps as a companion.



Hero Trait
Holy Charge Holy Charge
All charging formations are infused with a Holy Charge and receive a 30% boost to their total PWR.OffBck


  • Stop the War: Anwen has to defeat Varkas to stop attacks.
  • The Mother Seed: Afterwards, Varkas warns his men that the elves are not the ones to blame, but fails.


Varkas's troops
Swordsman (CoH)
Level 3
Swordsman (CoH)
Level 3
Swordsman (CoH)
Level 3
Angel (CoH)
Level 1
Knight (CoH)
Level 2

Varkas is a Level 8 human. He has 60 Hit Points.


Seeking Refuge: Afterwards, he joins Godric in Sleeping Stag Inn to see why the Emperor declared war on Irollan and Carlyle's plans.


Sir Varkas appears only in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.


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