The vampire lord is the upgrade of the vampire, the fourth-tier creature of the Necropolis faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. It can be recruited from the upgraded estate.

The attacks of vampires and vampire lords cannot be retaliated against. Vampire Lords are able to resurrect members of their own troops by replenishing health equal to the amount of damage they inflict on others.OffBck

With increased defense, hit points and speed, this is a useful upgrade, but the biggest change is the life-drain, which lets the vampire lord heal its wounds and resurrect fallen units in the stack, whenever it attacks a living enemy unit. This is extremely useful for keeping it alive during combat, which makes this one of the better upgrades. It is costly, though.


  • Vokial is a specialist in vampire lords, and gives them +1 to Attack and Defense per hero level after fourth level.

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