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Female Vampire

Male Vampire

The Vampire is one of the eight character classes in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer.

"Few choose to become Vampires, but those that do soon revel in the new powers granted them by their new form. In addition to their racial abilities, Vampires can also become powerful casters of Body, Mind and Spirit magic, and can gain great skill with bladed weapons. On the downside, they are limited in their choice of weapons and armor, and suffer certain specific penalties for being undead."

Vampires start with 30 hit points and 10 spell points, and gain 3 hit points and 2 spell points per level. They are immune to mind spells.

Recruitable vampires[]

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Elsbeth Lamentia[]

  • Class: Vampire
  • Level: 5
  • Location: Adventurer's Inn
  • Availability: Immediately

Gethric Mercurtura[]

  • Class: Vampire
  • Level: 15
  • Location: House Mercurtura - Twilight - Shadowspire
  • Availability: Immediately


Artorius Veritas[]


Attribute Minimum Starting Maximum
Might 9 11 30
Endurance 9 11 30
Intellect 9 11 30
Personality 9 11 30
Accuracy 9 11 30
Speed 9 11 30
Luck 9 11 30


"Nosferatu, the higher level Vampires, gain the strength to cast all but the highest levels of Mind, Spirit, and Body magic. With practice, Nosferatu can learn to transform into mist. They can also Grandmaster in the dagger skill."

A vampire can be promoted to a Nosferatu. Nosferatu can learn grandmaster vampire, dagger, and identify monster instead of master, and master regeneration, spirit magic, mind magic, and body magic instead of expert.

Nosferatu gain 4 hit points and 4 spell points per level.


The default skills of Vampires are Vampire Ability and Sword.

In the table below, golden check marks SpecialYes.png represent skills only available to Nosferatu Vampires.

Skill Normal Expert Master Grand
Axe Yes Yes No No
Bow Yes No No No
Dagger Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes.png
Mace Yes Yes No No
Spear No No No No
Staff No No No No
Sword Yes Yes Yes No
Fire Magic No No No No
Air Magic No No No No
Water Magic No No No No
Earth Magic No No No No
Spirit Magic Yes Yes SpecialYes.png No
Mind Magic Yes Yes SpecialYes.png No
Body Magic Yes Yes SpecialYes.png No
Light Magic No No No No
Dark Magic No No No No
Dark Elf No No No No
Vampire Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes.png
Dragon No No No No
Leather Yes Yes Yes No
Chain Yes Yes No No
Plate No No No No
Shield Yes Yes Yes No
Alchemy Yes Yes Yes No
Armsmaster Yes No No No
Body Building No No No No
ID Item Yes Yes No No
ID Monster Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes.png
Learning Yes No No No
Disarm Trap Yes Yes No No
Meditation No No No No
Merchant Yes Yes No No
Perception Yes Yes No No
Regeneration Yes Yes SpecialYes.png No
Repair Item No No No No
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