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Concept art of a Vampire for Heroes of Might and Magic V.

The Akhkharus, or Vampires, are a class of Undead extant in Ashan. Primarily resident in Heresh, they are superior to the Asakkus (Liches), and considered among the greatest of the Necromancers.


As Liches achieve the peak of their power, they can earn the right to ascend to the form of an Akhkharu. In this advanced incarnation, their flesh reassimilates as they begin aging backwards into Human-like forms, growing younger and healthier by the year. However, their youthful, immortal forms come with a price - emotional emptiness.

Commonly known as Vampires or Vampire lords, their preferred weapons are swords - damage they inflict upon their living enemies serves to heal their own wounds. The Ahkhkarus are generally aligned to Asha, though some outcasts have formed their own elite society, the Death Knights. One echelon, Vampire princes, are capable of driving foes into a torpor at a glance. The ruling council of Heresh is comprised of Vampires, all of whom have reverse-aged as far as physically possible, each appearing to be in their mid-twenties.

Apparently, it is possible to forcibly convert Humans to Akhkharus through the complex Ritual of the Night, as in Ornella and Nicolai Griffin's cases.

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  • The term Akhkharu exists outside of Ashan's mythology; it originates from a Sumerian noun for a form of seductress Vampire.
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