Valeska is a character in Might and Magic: Heroes VI.


Once a Priestess of Elrath tasked with the education of Slava's children, Valeska found herself banished from the Duchy of Griffin for betraying Duke Slava after he rejected an Imperial decree - an act of profound treason in her unforgiving eyes.
Humililated and furious, Valeska turned to the Inquisition, an ideal refuge for one seeking a renenwed sense of purpose - and suitable opportunity to vent their anger.
Now, however, whereas Valeska's devoition to Elrath hasn't waned, her ire towards Slava has, and she wishes to elicit her pardon.

She is a priestess of Elrath and to the Griffin Duchy. When Slava was preparing for war, she betrayed the Griffin family - she joined with Gerhart, as he had "connections" with the Emperor.


Valeska is an Inquisitor.


Tutorial CampaignEdit

The Emperor's Will: Slava needs to defeat her in order to proceed. He banishes her from the Griffin Duchy.

Haven CampaignEdit

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair: She asks for Anton for redemption and to join the Griffins again. Anton will give her pardon, and if he is an Vindicator, she will follow him.

Necropolis CampaignEdit

Towards the Within: Anastasya encounters Valeska in her dream. She is taking care of Anton. Anastasya can help her (Tear reputation added) or not (Blood reputation added).


There is a Necromancer version of her in game files. That version does not appear in the game itself, however.


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