Valeria, a noble warrior of Elrath, is a minor antagonist in Heroes V: Hammers of Fate and Heroes V: Tribes of the East. She plays a more important role in The Guerrillas from Wulfstan's Defiance and in Heart of Darkness from The Will of Asha.

Gameplay Edit

Hero Trait
H5SpecCavalryCommander Cavalry Commander
Cavaliers, Paladins and Champions in hero's army get additional jousting bonus as hero gains new levels. Hero's "Retaliation Strike" ability is more powerful.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicCounterstrike Basic Counterstrike H5RetaliationStrike Retaliation Strike
H5BasicAttack Basic Attack


Valeria is the eldest child of Lord Fulbert of the Wolf Duchy. Raised as a noble warrior and paladin of Elrath, she fought loyally alongside the troops of Saint Isabel and Alaric. When they showed their true nature, however, killing her father and stealing his lands, she rebelled against them. Captured and thrown into prison, her rage knows no bounds. She is willing to seek vengeance against her captors, regardless of who she must ally herself with to do so.OffBck

Valeria played a minor role in the brief war between the Imperial armies and the Dwarves of Grimheim. There are little doubts that Valeria was of good faith, as almost nobody knew the Queen was not the real Isabel.

However, when the usurper showed her true nature, having Fulbert killed and his lands taken, Valeria rebelled against the new regime. She was captured and thrown into a prison in the vicinity of Flammschrein, the former capital of her father's domain. Valeria's fate is unclear from this point, because the player has the opportunity to free her, but is not constrained to do so.

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