The VARN adventurers is the playable adventuring party in Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum and Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World.

The default party in Might and Magic I consists of the human Knight Crag the Hack, the elven Sorcerer Wizz Bane, the human Cleric Serena, the gnome Robber Swifty Sarg, the dwarven Paladin Sir Galand, and the half-orc Archer Zenon III.

The default party in Might and Magic II consists of the human Archer Sure Valla, the elven Sorcerer Cassandra, the elven Robber The Hermit, the gnome Cleric Gene Eric, the dwarven Paladin Terwin III, and the half-orc Knight Sir Felgar. However, if the player chose the default party in Might and Magic I, they can load a save from the end of that game and use that party instead (keeping their levels).

Biography Edit

Might and Magic I Edit

A group of adventurers in the land of Varn performed various quests for the leaders of the land, like Lord Hacker, Lord Inspectron, Lord Ironfist and King Alamar. However, in the dungeons of The Fabled Castle Doom, the group found a prisoner locked in an iron suit who turned out to be the real Alamar. King Alamar told them that he had been imprisoned and replaced by "a demonic alien being". He gave them the Eye of Goros and asked them to confront the imposter, who threw them in the Soul Maze.

In the maze, the party encountered a strange alien known as Agent Orango Seventeen, who told them that they needed to find the name of Alamar's impersonator to escape. Mapping out the maze, they discovered that the walls spelled out "MY NAME IS SHELTEM" when viewed from above. Agent Orango congratulated them and told them that "You are now Rank 1 and eligible for transfer. Find Inner Sanctum for new assignment."

Eventually locating the Inner Sanctum, the group met the data keeper, who told them that they would be allowed to travel to another VARN. The group learned that their world was only the floor of a giant spaceship, and that the Gates to Another World could be used to travel elsewhere. Sheltem had already fled through the gates, and the party followed him.

Might and Magic II Edit

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