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Dear MM diary,

this is the second entry. Normally, the entry would've been written yesterday, but I had a lot of things to do. Anyway, here are the news.

Might & Magic news

The Heroes VII creatures pages have been updated, giving them stats (attack, defense, speed etc.). Thanks to Inoriol, a new user, who has provided the info.

However, I have to remind these are taken from the beta, meaning they can be changed in the final game (which will be released on 29th September). And speaking about the beta, it ends on 2nd September, meaning you have three days left to play it!

Also, Narve has been updating the book page characters. Check it out here.

In addition, the Elixir of Life campaign has been finished.

Community news

Aside from Inoriol joining the community, the building template could be changed, giving it a new look. Instead of vertical, it will be aligned horizontal. You can check the template here.

Other things

School year is coming soon. Beware of traffic!

That would be all for now, dear readers, for this week. See you next week!
Energy X