Might and Magic Wiki

Dear MM diary,

the Might and Magic Wiki is making more progress as I write.

Might & Magic news

Before playing H7, you can pre-load the game, making it available to be played once installed. You can read here and activate this on Uplay account.

Also, despite being somewhat early, there are some talkings if a DLC was to be made, the first faction included would be the dwarven Fortress, since it ranked in 3rd place (for Sylvan and Dungeon towns were chosen instead).

Community news

Rise of the Necromancer scenario pages are complete. There are some details that should be filled in, however.

Also, we managed to reach the last week the milestone of 5000 articles! The number continues to rise, though.

Other things

Two more days until the game is released. We hope you at least enjoy the game.
Energy X