Dear MM diary,

this is the first day we are writing this entry. This diary would just cover news, from this community and recent Might & Magic news... probably even more. This diary would be edited by most notable users of Might & Magic Wiki, once per week. Let this idea serve for generations to come!

Might & Magic news

This week there were three new articles about Dungeon from the H7 site. They are Dungeon heroes, the Dungeon townscreen and Jorgen, as the Dungeon councillor.

Also, a remainder that the new Heroes VII beta will start on August 26th. The beta key, obtained from the previous beta, can be used in the new one. However, the beta lasts until September 2nd.

Note: Some of the Dungeon heroes are known before, from the previous Beta.

Community news

Narve has been working hard, managing to score over 20 000 edits on this Wiki. Congratulations! Also, he has been updating the pages from the MM books, Dreamwright & Shadowsmith, so keep an eye out. You may never know what you can learn more.

Also, the Heroes III campaign scenarios from the Shadow of Death are being updated. Today, the Birth of a Barbarian campaign pages have been finished.

Other things

I guess this spot could mean anything, so it'll be reserved for anything else notable. For now, nothing to report.

That would be all for now, dear readers, for this week. See you next Saturday!
Energy X

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