Somarinoa is an administrator here on Might & Magic Wiki.

He is also the founder of Creativity Wiki, being a firm believer in imagination; as well as the founder of Extraterrestrial Fanon Wiki as a sister site to ASW; and All Species Wiki. He is also known as ~gokou-sama on deviantART, where he is decently-known for his Ultimate Showdown game project. He is the bureaucrat of Alien Species Wiki after having brought it back single-handedly from death in 2006 until people took notice and turned it into a thriving wikia as well as on Earth Defense Force Wiki Super DBZ Fanon, and serves as an administrator on Cryptid Wiki, Egyptian Fanon, Mega Man Fanon, Ultimate Showdown (a fan-created wiki intended for a trio of his games, though not for everything he has created) and Ultra Dragon Ball. He is also a moderator on Sagan 4, a chat moderator & rollback on Bulletstorm Wiki, a rollback on Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki and Might & Magic Wiki, was the main content contributor to SporeWiki and significantly helped out Conker Wiki and Zim Wiki in the past. Beyond this, he notably helped out the wikis for Of Orcs and Men, Primal Carnage and Starbound before their games were released.

He is also a bit of a (benevolent) grammar Nazi.

I have been a fan of Heroes of Might & Magic since the very beginning, with the release of Heroes 1. However, I have zero experience with the rest of the Might & Magic series outside of Heroes.

Current badge progressEdit

For anyone who may be curious.

  • A True Hero: (209/365)
  • Duke: (64/100)
  • Mage: (41/50)
  • Dragon Slayer (3): (1016/1500)
  • Visioner: (0/3)

Favorite charactersEdit

Favorite Monster DesignsEdit

A gallery of my personal favorite monster designs used throughout the Heroes series.

Favorite Human DesignsEdit

A gallery of my personal favorite human-oriented designs used as units throughout the Heroes series.

List of frequented wikiasEdit

A currently-growing list of all the wikias I do or have contributed to in the past or present.

  1. SporeWiki (First appearance)
  2. Alien Species Wiki

Active usageEdit

  1. All Species Wiki (Founder)
  2. Creativity Wiki (Founder)
  3. Extraterrestrial Fanon Wiki (Founder)

  1. Alien Species Fanon Wiki
  2. Cryptid Wiki
  3. Earth Defense Force Wiki
  4. Fan GMA Created Characters Wiki
  5. Fanon & Data Wiki
  6. Fantendo Wiki
  7. Halloween Wiki
  8. Homemade Universe Wiki
  9. Make People Wiki
  10. Might & Magic Heroes Wiki
  11. Non-Alien Creatures Wiki
  12. Secretendo Wiki
  13. Silent Hill Fandom Wiki
  14. Super DBZ Fanon Wiki
  15. Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki
  16. Video Game Database
  17. Video Game Fanon Wiki

Inactive usageEdit

  1. 24 Wiki
  2. American McGee's Alice
  3. Aliens vs. Predator Wiki
  4. Amazing Spider-Man Wiki
  5. Bulletstorm Wiki
  6. Cats Wiki
  7. Conker Wiki
  8. Creativity Unleashed Wiki
  9. Donkey Kong Wiki
  10. Dragon Ball Wiki
  11. Egyptian Fanon Wiki
  12. Elder Scrolls Wiki
  13. EverQuest Next Landmark Wiki
  14. EverQuest Portal Wiki
  15. Falling Skies Wiki
  16. Gemipedia Wiki
  17. GI Joe Wiki
  18. Girl Meets World Wiki
  19. Halo Nation
  20. Magical Girl (Mahou Shoujo) Wiki
  21. Hyperdimension Neptunia Wiki
  22. Hero Starbound Wiki
  23. I Love Writing Wiki
  24. MarioWiki
  25. MediEvil Wiki
  26. MediEvil Wiki -- Gallowmere Wiki
  27. Mega Man Fanon Wiki (still semi-active... just don't have anything new to post most of the time)
  28. Men in Black Wiki
  29. Minecraft Wiki
  30. Mortal Kombat Wiki
  31. MUGEN Database
  32. My Life as a Teenage Robot Wiki
  33. Naughty Bear Wiki
  34. Nintendo Wiki
  35. Pikmin Wiki
  36. Pikimin Wiki (Pikipedia)
  37. Pirates of the Burning Seas Wiki
  38. Recipes Wiki
  39. Resident Evil Fanon
  40. Resident Evil Wiki
  41. Sailor Moon Wiki
  42. Shrek Wiki
  43. Slender Man Wiki
  44. Smite Wiki
  45. Sonic Fanon Wiki
  46. Sonic Wiki
  47. Sonic Wiki (Archie Comics)
  48. Spirited Away Wiki
  49. Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki
  50. StarCraft Wiki
  51. The Giver Wiki
  52. WoWWiki
  53. XCOM Wiki
  54. Z-Crushers Strike Force Wiki
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