Captain Ursan is a member of the Crusaders, and appears in Crusaders of Might and Magic.

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Captain of the Old Guard and most trusted of Celestia's leaders. Not to mention a loyal mentor and companion for many years.OffBck

Captain of the Old Guard and most trusted of Celestia's leaders.OffBck

Captain Ursan was one of Celestia's field commanders. He once chose to carry out a secret mission himself, rather than send one of the soldiers under his command. Celestia became angry, telling him that it made no sense to sacrifice a queen when you could send a knight, and no more sense to sacrifice a knight when you could use a pawn. He was, in her opinion, far too important to risk on missions such as this.

PS1 version Edit

After Ursan's daring raid, Celestia appointed him as the chief of her staff, both as a reward for his heroism and as punishment for his recklessness. Ursan can be found in Celestia's throne room on the Citadel.

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When Drake escaped from his imprisonment in the Stronghold, he found Ursan in a cell on his way out. He freed the captain, who told him to travel to the Citadel and tell Celestia everything he knew.

Later, Celestia sent Ursan on a mission to The Glaciers, but neither the captain nor his men returned. Ursan had been captured by the ice titans, so Drake had to fight his way through their ranks to free him. When he'd been freed, Ursan gave Drake a scroll that he wanted him to deliver to Dain, King of the Dwarves.

Drake delivered the scroll, but Dain informed him that it was empty. Drake learned that Celestia had fled north with her most loyal forces, and Ursan likely went with them.

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Ursan appears only in Crusaders of Might and Magic.

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