Urgash is a primordial dragon. He is the dragon of chaos and brother to Asha, the dragon of order . Urgash is the creator of the demons and as such their god. He was jailed in the worlds fiery core at the end of the mythic age after his war with his sister Asha, but wasn't killed and lives on in his jail, burning with desire for vengeance. Some say that the demon capital, Ur-Hekal, hides a portal that can bring everyone directly to the Great god of Chaos.

In the reign of Biara, the Red Church bowed them to the exiled god.

Presumly, the chaos symbol of the uroboros is connected with Urgash and one of his forms.

The Dragon of Chaos is “raw untamed potential”, primordial chaos in its inexhaustible energy and infinite variety of forms. He is ravenous and insatiable, the “snake that eats its own tail”. He is the Father of wanton Destruction, of frantic Mutation, of rampant Madness. Urgash is utterly unpredictable. His “logic” defies mortal reason. He can save one day and kill the next, laugh and cry within a matter of seconds, be alternatively cruel and comforting...

He is also the father of the demons. He was long banished to slumber at Ashan’s core, but the demons linger, and still strive to carry out his desires.