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The Unseen Wall is a great forcefield that appears in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. It surrounded the crystal palace, and was located northeast of the Madescent and the Aulmad, and northwest of the Restless Lands. It was owned by Amonwelle and maintained by some of her workers, who were known as "Wallkeepers".

From the inside, it looked like an enormous dome of pink and pearl-gray, swirling in the air above the palace. From the outside, the wall and everything in it was invisible, and anyone that passed by would just see a simple stone fence around an old cottage in a gentle meadow. The illusion was so strong that people could even climb over the fence and enter the worn cottage without ever realizing that they examined something that didn't exist.

It was powered by twelve low, rounded artificial mounds at the periphery of the palace grounds. When the wall was attacked, they glowed lue-green and produced a humming sound. The wall was immensely powerful, able to shrug off most attacks, but when Jassad Attqua went mad shortly after retrieving his golden ship, he claimed that the ship was strong enough to tear it down "once and for all". While this was never put to the test, it is likely he was correct.

A small, nameless village near the Unseen Wall was utilized as a stopover for those that came to see the Dreamwright. It was located at the river Lehr. The people here cherished Amonwelle, referring to her as the "Great Lady", as well as the "Guardian of the North", "Scourge of the Candlemen", and "Protector of the Unseen Wall".